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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Secret CIA prisons in the EU?

I read in the newspaper about some secret CIA prisons in the EU. This can't be. The EU should not participate in US war crimes. We make ourselves guilty if we harbor these secret prisons. They violate international law. They violate international treaties that have been signed by the EU. If President Bush violates international law it's one thing, but it's another thing if we do. We are different, we are better. We are the fighters for peace, freedom and democracy. We shouldn't forget that. We don't torture detainees. We don't wage wars for oil. We don't kill innocent people in the Middle East. All these things make us different, make us better from the US, at least I thought so till I read this newspaper article. I am very disappointed by EU member states that are suspicious of harboring unlawful CIA prisons. But I am even more disappointed by a US President ordering these measurements. All free people worldwide are called to watch out, to critisize unlawful, undemocratic behavior and to inhibit torture and war.


Blogger Ichtus said...

As european citizens, we're not superior to any other people. We european have the duty of humility if we want to be listened seriously speaking about "freedom" and "peace".

I'm against such kind of patriotism seems like the american one so odd.

The european patriotism I think had to be more respectul for different thinkings and cultures. If we Europeans learn respect for each other in European community we'll be more able to respect each people on Earth (not naive obviously)and then to be listened when we'll talk about democraty and peace, two weak ideas in the world were we live...

The European ideal isn't easy to spread. We'd to be carefull about that. Peace and liberty for human kind will be applied with love and respect not by force with guns or just because "we're the Best" as the american think about themselves...

ps : sorry for my bad english

3:59 PM  
Blogger Ichtus said...

The european project need some protection against other world power in above all against the USA. This country has un clear strategy : control over Europe to control Russia and then in the "heartland", Asia.

We europeans have to be more vigilant and stop CIA underground activities because it's an insult on our liberty and a danger for democraty.

4:20 PM  

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