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Monday, September 04, 2006

Criticism of President Bush

President Bush is one of the worst Presidents the US ever had. He is so retarded and old-fashioned. It's sad to see such a great nation like the US being ruled by such a stupid person. Americans deserve a much better President. He is the one who brought them to war, he is the one to accuse for war crimes. As commander-in-chief of the US military forces he is reponsible for the crimes his soldiers comitted. He didn't even excuse for their behavior. I am speaking of these terrible images of Iraqi detainees, tortured by US soldiers. This is a scandal. And it's a shame for the US Army. I'm sure such things wouldn't happen under European leadership. Another point which disappoints me very much is Mr Bush's attitude to capital punishment. This is so old-fashioned, I can't believe it. We Europeans abolished the death penalty long time ago, because we listened to sociologists, psychologists and experts on the field of death penalty. We Europeans believe in science, not in ancient books like the bible. During his legislative period, Gov. Bush signed not less then 152 death sentences. This means for me that he killed 152 human beings. This is a sad statistic which shows his barbarity. It’s the same thing with his wars: He is the reason for these wars, not anyone else. He is guilty. For me and many Europeans, he is comparable to evil guys like Stalin or Hitler. His cheating during the election (according to US film-maker Michael Moore) makes him a kind of dictator. He is a dangerous person. He is a stupid person. He should be abolished. I see some great politicians coming up in the US, guys like Al Gore, Bill Bradley, Dr. Heather Anne Harder and last but not least Ralph Nader. These are great and bright US citizens. They prove that there are still some people with brains in the US. Now I want to finish my short essay about President Bush, I hope I can bring more accusing data within the next days. I want to finish my essay with a statement: Dear President Bush, if you read this, please be sure that you are not welcome in Europe, particularly not in Germany!


Blogger Squander Two said...

> I'm sure such things wouldn't happen under European leadership.

And you're blogging from Germany.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Ichtus said...

This kind of argument is so poorish and selfish that I'm starting to believe "european patriot" is just a american patriot who regard the world with disdain.

Bush have a great quality : his mistakes make european feeling for common foreign policy more stronger than ever.

But I want an european "patriotism" free of USA or other country to thing about how to solve the many problem of European building. This is a great new idea without precedent and we need new ideas to carry out this strange starship...

4:32 PM  

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