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Monday, September 11, 2006

Pope calls for public commitment to Christianity

On the second day of his visit to Bavaria, Pope Benedict XVI has called for a clear public commitment to God. At a mass attended by around 250,000 pilgrims, he said that he had noticed a certain deafness to God, especially in the West. However, the world needs God, the Pope added, even in the areas of science and technology. He said that social affairs and the Gospel could not be separated. It is not enough to give merely technology to the people of Africa or Asia, he said; that is too little. That permits the tools of violence to quickly gain the upper hand, the ability to destroy and to kill in order to gain power; and that path leads away from reconciliation, Benedict added. At this hour, the Pope is celebrating a vesper service in Munich's Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady).
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My comment on that: Dear Mr Pope, why do we need god? I don't think we need him, espeially not in the areas of science and technology. There are absolutely no signs of god, I personally never ever recognized him. The biblic earth history and the biblic earth age have been disproven by modern science. Mankind wasn't created by a supreme being, mankind evolved from apes. Am I an unethical person, just because I'm not Christian? No, I am not. But I prefer philosophical ethics, ethics that are warrantable by reason. Becuase of that, I am a strong supporter of stem cell research, evolutionary biology and astrophysics.


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