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Monday, September 04, 2006

European Patriotism

In this article, I want to explain what this EUP project I founded is about and what I want to aim with it. First of all, excuse me for my sometimes incorrect English, I am not native in this language, my mother tongue is German.
I just want to share my vision of a new Europe with other citizens. I believe in the rightness of my project. I am an open-minded, freethinking person. I am not bound to any religion or belief. In fact, I am an atheist. The European constitution, the German basic law and the ultimate law of sanity, reason and rationality are the foundations of my life.
You could ask: So why did you start this EUP project, trying to encourage other EU citizens to be proud of their Europe. This question is good and important. The answer would be: Because I believe that the European people love liberty and freedom. These are two very important values, if not the most important. People died for these values. People fought for these values. Of course, you could argue, that these are the foundations of the United States. But I would only partly agree with you. I would say, in the past, yes, you were right. But not today. America is changing, I see democratic values disappearing. President Bush cuts citizen’s rights by making unconstitutional laws (The Patriotic act, for example).
On the other hand, this brings the European Union and its citizens the possibility of becoming the now world symbol for freedom and liberty. European citizens are free people, have the right to speak, to tell their opinion, to oppose the current government, they have the right to gather and form political parties. These rights are important for Europeans, especially in the former communist East. These rights should lead to European pride, to European patriotism. The knowledge that we are free people and the Americans are currently only partly free, should strengthen us. Another important fact is, that Europe has a long history and culture. We are the ones who learned the lessons of our past, of course, there were some dark sides of our history, but also some very bright sides. The enlightenment is a European movement. In the past, we fought against each other, now we should learn from the past and work together in order to improve our future and the future of our children. This is my, no, this is our mission as European citizens.
The latin motto of the EU says: In varietate concordia, which means “United in diversity”. That is a good motto, it shows the cultural variety of the EU. That is another aspect we should be proud of: Our culture and our cultural tradiotion. I am not demanding that all national pride should disappear. You can be proud of your sub-nationality and your European citizenship. I, for example, am proud to be German and I am proud to be European. I see a growing European community, that makes me happy. I hope my short explanation cleared my intentions and I am looking forward to post new thoughts of the global political situation from a European perspective.


Blogger Scorpio said...

Nice blog.

If you are interested about Europe as a geopolitical matter, then I urge you to read 'The United States of Europe' written by T.R. Reid

That would be a good start.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Elaib said...

Maybe but it is an awful book, try the Great Deception by North and Booker for a different perspective.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Scorpio said...

Hmmm, I agree that the book entitled the United States of Europe is neither outstanding in terms of writing style nor exhaustive but it points out true valuable facts which prop up European superpower. As for the great deception it is a typical book for Euro sceptics in quest for Euro bashing... I agree that European institutions are nowhere near perfect, but Rome wasn t built in a day. On top of that I find ridiculous any attempt to compare Europe to an undemocratic superstate since the current trend is to give more counterbalancing power to the parliament which is elected by European citizens. I recall that Barrosso s first proposed comission cabinet was vetoed by the parliament because of an undesired Italian conservative proposed member who held outdated views on Religion and women.

Europe is building a unique post modern society, it s the first time in history that such endeavor takes place. It goes beyond nation state paradigm and foster the rule of law and justice while enforcing the common roots to Europe Freedom and Democracy. Look at Turkey nowadays, it is changing itself into a modern European nation by reforming its Nation, why? Because they want to join the EU. What Traditional European powers and America have been doing for centuries through military might, Europe is now doing it with Economic might and International Law incentives. That isSoft Power. Now we need a new generation of political leaders who have the guts to carry on the job and we need a better communication to citizen of Europe on the benefits of such Union.

4:51 AM  

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