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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

EU in brief

The European Union consists of 25 democratic states that have come together and committed themselves to working together to promote peace and prosperity. The Member States have conferred some of their powers on the institutions of the European Union, which makes it possible to take democratic decisions that apply to all members.
To date, the Union has undergone five enlargement rounds and grown from a six-member Community to a Union of 25 members. Currently, there are almost 450 million EU citizens.


Blogger commie h8r said...

The EU is working to promote peace in Europe. Tell me europhile scum, is a war likely in Europe now? No. Its an excuse to take over Europe. The more the EU annoys the people of Europe, the more likely a war is, the EU's very presence increase this.

9:11 AM  
Blogger majorkiller said...

pz pz pz, remove the UK from your map of the EU, 70% of the population want out, and were leaving, like it or not

6:30 AM  

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